Advanced programming Language question paper M.Sc CS APUS ,visual basic asp MCQ PAPER paper

object oriented programming question paper

Advanced programming Languagepaper question paper M.Sc CS APUS, Advanced programming Language paper MCQ PAPER

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Advanced programming Language M.Sc CS

1.Visual Basic is a tool that allows you to develop application in:

2.Which of the following windows is the central to the development of visual basic applications ? ?

3. The form module has file extention:

4. The default data type for visual basic is:

5. We can preserve the value of a local variable by making the variable:?

6. Which array can be resized at any time : :

7.Which of the following combines the features of the text box and list box :

8. ASP stand for :?

9. A method which moves the focus to the specified control of form :

10.Storage size of byte data type is?

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Section -'B'

(Short Answer Type Questions)       5 x 2 =20

  1. What are the various data types in visual basic.


    What is procedure?

  2. Write a program to find factorial of a number.


    Discuss about constants in visual basic .

  3. What is combo box ? Differentiate between Combo box and list box


    What is control array ? What are the its advantages? Write the steps to create a control array

  4. What do you mean by class? How class is defined?


    What is crystal report> Why it is used?

  5. What do you mean by environment variable ? Explain?


    Discuss about HTTP headers

    Section - 'c'    2 x 20 = 40

    (long Answer Type Questions)

    Answer any two of the following questions.
    Easch Question carries 20 marks

  1. Why we use looping statement in a program ? Explain various types of loops available in VB
  2. What is constructor? Explain differnet types of constructors with suitable examples. How it is differnetfrom a distructor?
  3. What are the various types of database connection methods in VB? Explain each with suitable example.
  4. What are ActiveX controls ? How can you create them ?
  5. 11.What is ASP?Explain Various response objects in ASP with suitable example>

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