System software question paper M.Sc CS APUS, System software MCQ PAPER System software paper pdf

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System Software paper question paper M.Sc CS APUS, System Software Language paper MCQ PAPER

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System Software M.Sc CS

1.In a two pass assembler the object code generation is done during the .....

Ans:Second phase

2.Which of the following is not a type of assembler ??

Ans:Three pass

3. Translator for low level language in termed as


4. The instruction like MOV or ADD are called as:

Ans:OP code

5. The last statement of source program should be:?


6. load address of the first word of the program is called :

Ans:Load address origin

7.Translator which perform expansion is called a ......:

Ans:Macro pre-processor

8.Which of the following loader is excuted when a system is first terned on or restarted :?

Ans:Bootstrap loader

9. Compile can check ::

Ans:Syntax error

10.A linker is given object moduls for a set of program that were compiled regerately . What information need not be included in an object module i?

Ans:Absolute address of internal symbols

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Section -'B'

(Short Answer Type Questions)       5 x 2 =20

  1. What is MAR register and what are its needs.


    How control sections are handled by assembler ? Explain with example ?

  2. What is the need of SYNTAB(Symbol table) in assembler and what function it perform


    What is meant by assembler directives? Explain the use of START assembler directives. .

  3. Write a short note on linkage editor and dynamic linking


    What are the data structure linking loader?

  4. Discuss functions and capabilities of interactive debugging system?


    Define macro processor .What is the use of macro time variable?

  5. Describe with example the technique of elimination of dead code in compiler code optimization?


    Explain analysis phase of compiler

    Section - 'c'    2 x 20 = 40

    (long Answer Type Questions)

    Answer any two of the following questions.
    Easch Question carries 20 marks

  1. What are the fundamental function that any assembler must perform? With suitable example . Explain any 5 assembler directions.
  2. Write algorithm of pass 2 of 2 pass assembler .Also explain the data structure used and for what purpose they are used in pass-2 ?
  3. Explain MASN macro proce . List and exp different design option for a macro processor .
  4. Describe in detail lexical phase of compiler also explain variuse symbol used in lexical phase?
  5. 11.Discuss machine dependent and machine independent loader features.

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