Computer Network paper question paper M.Sc CS APUS, Computer Network paper MCQ PAPER Computer Network paper help you for preparation |

Computer Network paper question paper M.Sc CS APUS

Computer Network paper question paper M.Sc CS APUS, Computer Network paper MCQ PAPER

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Computer Network paper M.Sc CS

1.OSI stands for

2.End-to-end connectivity is provided from host-to-host in?

3. Which of following is a layer of OSI model?

4. UDP is ......?

5. SNMP stands for .......?

6.Which of the following summation operation is performed on the bits to check an error-detectiong code :

7.Which one of the following is transport layer protocol used internet:

8. The network layer concern with.........?

9. The data layer concern with........ :

10. Which transmission media is a faster media?

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Section -'B'

(Short Answer Type Questions)       5 x 2 =20

  1. Explain LAN,MAN and WAN topology.


    Describe VSAT with example

  2. Describe ISDN in Data Communication with it's diagram?


    What are the properties and functions of Data Link Layer.

  3. Explain Simplex protocol for noisy channel


    Describe GoBack-n protocol using selective repeat with example.

5. Explain the following terms:
  1. ALOHA

  2. CSMA Protocol


    What is the difference between Token Bus and Token Ring.

  1. List the difference between circuit switching and pocket switching?


    Explain any one Secret Key algorithm.

    Section - 'c'    2 x 20 = 40

    (long Answer Type Questions)

    Answer any two of the following questions.
    Easch Question carries 20 marks

  1. What is Wireless Communication? Explain Radio and Microwave Communication
  2. Discuss the need of routing in computer network? Explain Hierarchical routing with example:
  3. Explain Simple Network Management protocol with it's architecture.
  4. Explain the following term:
    1. Electronic mail
    2. World Wide Web
  5. 11.Explain Tunneling and Fragmentation with example:

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